Information regarding EMDR training for therapists serving military and veteran population can be obtained by contacting Dr. Hurley at Soldier Center (931) 553-6981, or emailing


Ten hours of phone consultation is included with the EMDR basic training provided by Dr. Hurley.  Five hours are provided following EMDR part 1 and five additional hours are provided following the EMDR part 2 training.

Additionally, Dr. Hurley provides individual and group consultation to EMDR trained clinicians who have been previously trained and seek speciality consultation in treating military and veteran populations using EMDR therapy.

E. C. Hurley, PhD, presents at the EMDR International Conference (EMDRIA), Minneapolis,  Atlanta, and Bellevue (Seattle).

A U.S. Army OIF veteran with PTSD, chronic depression and moral injury describes his successful treatment with  EMDR therapy

As a retired Army Colonel with over 33 years of military experience, ranging from enlistment during the Vietnam era to the Global War on Terrorism (GWOT), his EMDR trainings intregrate the standard EMDR basic training with his understanding of the military and veteran cultures and years of clinical experience using EMDR therapy to treat a wide range of clinical issues including combat trauma, military sexual trauma and moral injury issues.  He is the founder and executive director of SOLDIER CENTER, a psychotherapy center with a staff dedicated to providing effective treatment to military personnel, veterans and their families, assisting them to reclaim their lives.  Dr. Hurley demonstrates his EMDR  training with video presentations of his work treating military personnel and veterans daily since 9/11.  His trainings are designed to prepare participants to begin treating their military and veteran population including those with complex PTSD.  Additional information regarding E. C. Hurley, PhD, as an EMDR military and veteran trainer can be found on the following webpage: E.C. Hurley, PhD.  Registered as a US Federal Contractor with  the System for Award Management (SAM) Registration.

A new book published by Springer Publishing 2020

A Clinicians Guide to Treating Military and Veterans
with EMDR Therapy

E. C. Hurley, DMin, PhD

COL, USA (Ret)  -  author

Book includes chapters covering: Military Culture, EMDR Phases 1-7, and special topics: Using EMDR therapy to treat:

   PTSD and TBIs with EMDR Therapy
   Military Sexual Trauma
   Moral Injury and EMDR Therapy
   Military and Veteran Suicidality

   When EMDR therapy does not work with some       

   EMDR Early Intervention with Military and Community

We provide a full range of EMDR clinical development programs ranging from EMDR basic trainings, EMDR advanced trainings, consultation, an EMDR-focused externship and certification as an "EMDR Military Specialist."  - at a center whose staff specializes in treating cleints in EMDR therapy.

EMDR Basic Training is now available online  -  (includes 10 hours consultation, 40 CE credits and manuals).   Courses on psychotraumatology and EMDR therapy applications in telehealth are included. 


A Veteran EMDR Trainer for those who serve the military and veteran population

E. C. Hurley, PhD, was selected and trained as an EMDR trainer by Francine Shapiro, PhD, the psychologist who developed Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) therapy.  

His military career spands 33 years of military service both active and reserve.

Now, from the security of your home or office you can learn this effective model of psychotherapy.

  EMDR Basic Training    -  2021

                                                                             Now ONLINE (click here)

                                     Due to the pandamic, all EMDR basic trainings are now offered online .


E. C. Hurley provides EMDR basic and advanced trainings approved by a number of professional organizations for continuing education.  Advanced trainings, preparing therapists to treat first-responders, military, veterans and their families are listed here.



 Our EMDR Training programs include . . .

        -  Online EMDR basic training programs

        -  Online EMDR advanced training programs

            *  Advanced EMDR Webinars

            *  On-demand Videos of Dr. Hurley's EMDR advanced trainings

            *  EMDR Clinic -  A special two-hour monthly training with videos and case studies
                             for developing advanced clinical skills

          - Consultation

            * EMDR advanced consultation in treating military, veterans and first-responders

            * Advanced Consultation for treating complex PTSD via EMDR Telehealth


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