Clinical Skill Development in Treating Military, Veterans and First-Responders

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Learing Objectives:

1.     Identify the feasibility of online EMDR therapy applications for treating veterans with complex

2.     Review the current delivery platforms available for telehealth treatment.

3.     Discuss the existing EMDR therapy online approaches and their application with online HIPPA
        compliant platforms. 

4.     Review lessons learned in using virtual EMDR therapy by clinical staff at Soldier Center.

5.     Discuss complex trauma, particularly C-PTSD with primary and secondary levels of dissociation,
        with virtual treatment.

6.     Review what areas of complex PTSD with dissociative features can be treated with virtual EMDR

7.     Identify clinical skills necessary for treating complex PTSD with dissociative features.

EMDRIA Program Approval Number: #13001-24

CE credits required participation in live webinar

The content of this webinar is consistent with the EMDRIA Guidelines for Virtual EMDR Therapy.  

EMDRIA Guidelines can be accessed at: EMDRIA Guidelines for Virtual EMDR Therapy.

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